i was gonna take a picture of my face but it’s really bright out so have one of my massive ass hand
it’s the weekend so that means!!!!!!!!

work. and i sure am excited about it.
but instead i’ll lay on the sofa and watch jeremy clarkson and co be absolute knobbers in fast cars
i am one sleepy, moody, pale looking motherfucker right now
what a truly gorgeous day to stay in bed #me
this is my ‘i’ve just finished a 12 hour shift and i can’t wait to be back in 9 hours’ face
being real moody and tired #me
getting there #me
real life sleepy head #me
Trying to get it on my ‘me’ page. #me #paininthearse
looked a right ponce today but it’s done, now to get extremely pissed and also some cute christmas cats
me being real sleepy earlier
off out with the fam, i really am happier than this but smiling by yourself is gay as fuck